Furniture Repair

Daybed Disassembly and Reassembly by Sofa Surgery®Furniture repair projects may vary from fixing a minor scratch on the leg of the soda to  complete restoration of sagging sofa, replacing the broken sofa springs, refinishing shine surface of your grand piano, or renovating the chair after water, damage, burn or pet damage. No project is too small or too big for us. We accommodate tens of repair service call per day, fixing the problem, advising on possible options, instructing clients of proper furniture maintenance tips. We can evaluate the problem, solve it and complete the repair of required furniture piece right on the spot.

Sofa Surgery® specialization includes:

  •  Inside Frame damage repair and reenforcement.
  •  Pull Out sofa mechanism repair and replacement
  •  Fabrication Repair
  •  Sewing repairs
  •  Broken Legs
  •  Replacement of the lost legs
  •  Shaking sofa parts (arms, back, legs, platform).
  •  Burns of leather, wood or fabric.
  •  Bed frames repair
  •  Bunk Beds repair, reenforcement.
  •  Scratches, dents, fading, moulding, drying.

Sofa Surgery® Furniture Repair & Restoration Team

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Please describe your request with a specific information, attach the picture of the damage and the whole piece itself and we’ll be glad to get back to you with further arrangements.