Expert Measuring Service by Sofa Surgery®

Sofa Surgery® Expert Measuring ServiceWe are proud to introduce our Sofa Surgery® Expert Measuring Services at your request. Inspired by tons of customers who asked to come to the spot and measure the whole path from the expected delivery truck to the corner of the living room where the ordered sofa suppose to go eventually. This kind of service requires outstanding expertise in both moving and upholstery, as well as years of experience in Emergency Furniture Reassembly industry. Our assistants will analyze all the options, and will with 100% accuracy determine if the sofa will fit or would need to be taken apart. If you doubt, was scared by the super, neighbors or social networks, don’t be scared to call and get helped by furniture gurus. They can advice on the design, shape and the maximum dimensional size of the furniture piece are planning to purchase, being 100% confident and holding responsibility for any failure. Contact us and ask for Expert Measuring Services specialist to discuss your situation over the phone, text, email or in person.

Sofa Surgery® Expert Measuring Service Team

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