Custom Made Restaurant Furniture

Custom Restaurant Furniture by Sofa Surgery®If you read this, you are probably in food or hospitality business, or at least planning to get there. Well, at Sofa Surgery® we are here to help design, analyze, evaluate or advice on any restaurant furniture design, repair, install or rebuild project. We create unique, one of the kind seating environment to your guests and reliable and affordable options for you as host. We closely work with numerous luxury restaurants throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, California, Florida, Vermont and other parts of US.

Sofa Surgery® Custom Built FurnitureTeam has surpassed all expectations in producing fast, reliable and up to date technical assistance in producing outstanding look to your place, leaving your guests only pleasant and cozy seating experience. We specialize in building: Custom Made Restaurant Seats, Custom made restaurant sofas, benches, stools, duffle bags, wall built-in sofas, night club sofas, custom made event seating areas. Don’t hesitate to inquire with our representative and you would probably be our next restaurant furniture building satisfied client. Looking forward to work with you closely.

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