Sofa Surgery® Furniture Reassembly Services

Sofa Surgery® provides the following Services. 

Sofa Surgery® Sofa Reassembly

Emergency Sofa Disassembly & Reassembly Services by Sofa Surgery®

Emergency Furniture Reassembly by Sofa Surgery®

There is nothing so unexpected in moving or delivery process as when sofa or any other furniture piece does not fit into your apartment, small elevator, narrow hallway or staircase, sharp turn or low clearance entrance into the basement. It can be a point of no return, but to call Sofa Surgery® Emergency Team to arrive at the place and handle the “not-fit” situation. The team of professional upholsterers and furniture restoration technicians will do their magic and will get your lovely item inside. Whether it is a sofa, couch, love seat, armchair, headboard, Murphy bed, box spring, pool table, desk wall unit or even a china cabinet. We do it all. Guaranteed.

Dining Chair Upholstery by Sofa Surgery®

Custom Upholstery by Sofa Surgery®

Custom Furniture Upholstery by Sofa Surgery®

Speaking about “upholstery”, Wikipedia defines “upholstery” is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. Technically, it is a mechanical process of restoration, reshaping, renovating, upgrading or simply fixing furniture that you love instead of buying something new. Sometimes it is a matter of money wise decision, but not always necessarily. In most of the cases, people get used to the furniture piece which they use for ages, inherit from someone memorable, associate with the past life important events. At Sofa Surgery® we believe that this is the key point when this furniture piece obtain a soul. It becomes more valuable to us than just a piece of furniture. It becomes a part of our environment. No matter how old the sofa, chair or dining room getting, it is a must to have it with us in future. “Sofa Surgeons” are inspired to not just renovate the look of the sofa with new materials, we intend to give your valued article a new birth. We want your story with this sofa to be continued and will gladly support you with any furniture upholstery project throughout the future. Love your sofa? – Let us handle the rest.

Custom Built Furniture by Sofa Surgery®

Custom Built Furniture for Event at Police Headquarters

Custom Made Furniture by Sofa Surgery ®

People love when something is produced according to their custom needs, especially when it concerns the furniture. Due to New York City limited space apartments and houses, every furniture piece in your interior should be perfectly special and customized by You. Here at Sofa Surgery® we love creating something unique, limited, unprecedented before. The professional team of our interior designers, carpenters, upholsterers and wood finish professional will guide you through all the steps of getting the item you are dreaming about. Affordable cost, eco-friendly materials and fabrics, modern design and unsurpassed quality of work are the keys to successful servicing TRI-state area in Custom Made Furniture crafting for more than a decade. We accommodate residential, commercial and public places, bars and restaurants, churches, schools, theaters, music halls, libraries, lobbies of residential and commercial complexes, fashion stores, coffee shops. We produce: sofas, chairs, built-in cabinets, diner’s seating booths, showroom seatings, night clubs wall seating installations, couch benches for churches, lounge booths, store front decorative pieces, hotel lobbies.

Name it – We can Make It!

Sofa Pick Up & Delivery Service

Sofa Pick Up & Delivery by Sofa Surgery®

Sofa Pick Up / Delivery Services by Sofa Surgery®

Have you ever ordered a sofa from the company who offers delivery service to your residence? Sure, we’ve all been there. Patiently waiting for delivery date, taking day off from work expecting the crew arrive with your belongings and place them inside your apartment, watching them unpacking your order, box after box, package after package. Have you ever heard the shocking announcement of delivery crew that the sofa that you ordered can not make the turn through the staircase or does not fit the elevator? “What should we do with it, Sir?” — Asks the crew leader? “Should we take it with us or leave it outside?”

Here, at Sofa Surgery® Emergency Furniture Reassembly Services, we put all our resources and efforts to inform all furniture delivery services, all building management company, doorman services and everyone around about our existence. Most of the furniture delivery service contractors highly recommend our solutions to their clients and in this case, we come right away, disassemble the sofa in the service area of the building, outside on a side walk with special from protective pads, bring it inside and reassemble inside. We safe the day, resolve the situation and make everyone happy. But, unfortunately, not all truckers know what to do and/or are instructed to bring the furniture which they couldn’t deliver back to warehouse until further decision.

This would be the great option in this case to arrange Warehouse Pick up and Delivery Service by Sofa Surgery® Delivery Team.

Furniture Repair and Restoration

Expert Furniture Repair by Sofa Surgery® Restoration Team

Furniture Repair by Sofa Surgery®

Furniture repair projects may vary from fixing a minor scratch on the leg of the sofa to  complete restoration of sagging sofa, replacing the broken sofa springs, refinishing shine surface of your grand piano, or renovating the chair after water, damage, burn or pet damage. No project is too small or too big for us. We accommodate tens of repair service call per day, fixing the problem, advising on possible options, instructing clients of proper furniture maintenance tips. We can evaluate the problem, solve it and complete the repair of required furniture piece right on the spot. Sofa Surgery® specialization includes:

  • Inside Frame damage repair and reenforcement.
  • Pull Out sofa mechanism repair and replacement
  • Fabrication Repair
  • Sewing repairs
  • Broken Legs
  • Replacement of the lost legs
  • Shaking sofa parts (arms, back, legs, platform).
  • Burns of leather, wood or fabric.
  • Bed frames repair
  • Bunk Beds repair, reenforcement.
  • Scratches, dents, fading, moulding, drying.

Please describe your request with a specific information, attach the picture of the damage and the whole piece itself and we’ll be glad to get back to you with further arrangements.

Leather Sofa Restoration by Sofa Surgery® Restoration Team

Leather Sofa Restoration by Sofa Surgery® Restoration Team

Leather Restoration by Sofa Surgery®.

Unlike fabrics, your leather products are unusually susceptible to scuffs, scratches, cuts, fading, and
other damage.

Moisture, inappropriate cleaning products, inks and oils can also stain or dry out leather. Using specialty products our certified leather specialists can:

  • Remove most spots & stains
  • Repair cuts, scuffs and scratches
  • Restore dry and cracked leather
  • Repair fading and discoloration
  • Rejuvenate, re-dye or re-pigment colors

Expert Measuring Service by Sofa Surgery®

Expert Measuring Service by Sofa Surgery®

Expert Measuring Services by Sofa Surgery®.

We are proud to introduce our Expert Measuring Services at your request. Inspired by tons of customers who asked to come to the spot and measure the whole path from the expected delivery truck to the corner of the living room where the ordered sofa suppose to go eventually. This kind of service requires outstanding expertise in both moving and upholstery, as well as years of experience in Emergency Furniture Reassembly industry. Our assistants will analyze all the options, and will with 100% accuracy determine if the sofa will fit or would need to be taken apart. If you doubt, was scared by the super, neighbors or social networks, don’t be scared to call and get helped by furniture gurus. They can advice on the design, shape and the maximum dimensional size of the furniture piece are planning to purchase, being 100% confident and holding responsibility for any failure. Contact us and ask for Expert Measuring Services specialist to discuss your situation over the phone, text, email or in person.

Furniture Redesign by Sofa Surgery®