Wall Units Reassembly

Disassembly and Reassembly by Sofa Surgery®

Woodwork, Custom wood furnitureEmergency Reassembly of Wooden wardrobes, wall units and armoires may seem overestimated task, but not for Sofa Surgery ® Emergency Team. They are experienced in any kind of wooden furniture reassembly even in desperate situations. They are trained to refinish any broken, scratched, dented or faded wooden surface, stain it with the same wood color and type of finish so you won’t be upset agreeing to perform the “wood surgery”. We are always well equipped and ready to complete any emergency project at a very limited period of time. So, you don’t even need to determine the color of your wooden surface, we’ll do it for you once we arrive. However, in this case we guarantee that the furniture piece will be inside and fully assembled at the same day, but due to the fact that certain paint, adhesive or stain products may require 8-10 hours to dry, the final refinishing stage may be performed the next day. Find out the list of products requiring extended dry out time here.

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