Headboard Disassembly & Reassembly

Headboard Disassembly by Sofa Surgery®According to recent trends in home interior fashion, tufted upholstered headboards and soft linen fabric bed frames are at it’s pick of popularity right now. Almost every furniture brand added upholstered bed frames to it’s collections. This bulky pieces attract by it’s solid and comfy view and impress with it’s luxury decorative embellishments. Here, at Sofa Surgery®, we experience rapid increase of Upholstered Headboard problems fitting through the narrow or low ceiling staircases in NYC brownstones, private houses and even the service cargo elevators of apartment complexes. Specially, if it is a King Size bed frame, most likely it’ll require furniture reassembly service provided by Sofa Surgeons. So far, we successfully completed hundreds of this type of furniture reassembly projects and are skilled to fulfill any bedroom furniture reassembly needs, including headboards, dressers, armoires, daybeds and even cupboards.

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