Dining Tables Disassembly & Reassembly

Wood Restoration and Refinishing by Sofa Surgery®Most of the dining room tables are constructed with the detachable legs for ease of transportation and to minimize the risk of braking the legs during logistic process., however, some products may be built as a one solid piece. Solid, not detachable legs on a dining table does not mean that the whole piece was cut from a single super fat tree, it’s just the matter of what substances the manufacturer uses and what kind of hardware they prefer to support the dining table legs connections. In most of the cases, on a factory when producing this type of dining table, they got all legs as a separate wooden blocks, which are cut to the size and are straight perfectly to match the table top. After that, it’s been nailed and glued together. This is exactly what we do when we solve dining table “not-fit” situations. We cut the problem parts using special saw, which makes the cut smoothly and do not damage the side surfaces, usually not all the legs, but some of them, than we bring the table inside, glue and nail them back to the same exact spot. Than we fill the connection sins with the wood filler, and than stain and polish it to perfectly match the color of the table. Sofa Surgery® Upholstery Team always come prepared to disassemble any type of dining room table and with all the required tools, supplies, all range of paint and finish colors, so yes, we guarantee that we can do it.

5 years structural damage warranty is a complimentary of our confidence.

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