Day Bed Reassembly

Daybed disassembly and reassembly by Sofa Surgery≥Day Bed Disassembly and Reassembly.

Daybed is a bed that becomes a couch or sitting place during the day. A daybed is useful in a room that is used for other purposes and also serves as a guest room when needed. So it serves as a seat when the room is being used for other activities. A daybed is especially helpful when you have limited home space, such as a dorm or small apartment where each space must serve multiple purposes. The structure of the daybed has to be solid, because it has no back part, as a regular sofa, so in order for it to stand the pressure, the legs has to be a part of the structure, which makes the height dimension bigger than a regular sofa piece. This is the main reason why daybed may not fit through the tight hallway, turn or a doorway. Sofa Surgery® experts are able to perform dismantling of one or both arms of daybed, and reinstalling them back inside the desired space. Either it is a fabric, upholstered or combined wood/fabric, or even combined leather/wooden/fabric daybed, we are able to maintain the original look and functionality of daybed after completing daybed disassembly and reassembly service.