Moving Emergency

What to Do?

Every day hundreds of sofas begin there journey from the warehouse to their permanent residency inside somebody’s living room. They are being properly wrapped, carefully loaded into the delivery truck by the professional delivery crew, travel patiently through Big Apple traffic nightmare and finally arrives at the destination. During the last stage of this beautiful journey, it occurs, that the elevator is smaller than the sofa, and the staircase is not an option as well, and it ends up staying at the service are of the building, in the lobby or even at the staircase, blocking the way to neighbors and irritation the workers of the apartment complex.

That’s when the Sofa Surgery® Emergency Reassembly Service is the only safe horizon to solve the situation. Weather it is a small elevator, narrow staircase, narrow hallway, door or the sofa can not make a turn Sofa Surgery® team is capable to dismantle the sofa till the point when it can be brought inside the apartment in pieces. Within an hour your beautiful sofa will be back together and shine like a diamond decorating your leaving room. There is no doubt it is definitely worth it. Trust our numerous clients who left feedbacks and reviews and try it yourself. Satisfaction – guaranteed!

Sofa Surgery® Emergency is available 24/7

Hot Line: 1-(347) 509-5003

Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions. Our team member will get back to you shortly.