Leather Repair and Restoration

Leather Sofa Restoration by Sofa Surgery® Restoration Team

Leather Sofa Restoration by Sofa Surgery®

Unlike fabric upholstery, your fine leather products are unusually susceptible to scratches, cuts, fading, and other damage. Body oils, lotion, perspiration, and ink can also cause major problems for leather. These products are prone to cracking and drying from improper care and maintenance, too. Utilizing specialty products and expert techniques, our leather professionals will restore your leather to “like-new” condition.Moisture, inappropriate cleaning products, inks and oils can also stain or dry out leather. Using specialty products our certified leather specialists can:

  • Remove most spots & stains
  • Repair cuts, scuffs and scratches
  • Restore dry and cracked leather
  • Repair fading and discoloration
  • Rejuvenate, re-dye or re-pigment colors

Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning by Sofa Surgery® Leather Restoration Team

Leather Cleaning by Sofa Surgery®

Proper leather care should include professional cleaning every six months. Our certified leather specialists will carefully identify leather types and select the products specifically designed for the cleaning and finish of your type of leather to remove soil buildup. We’ll then condition and protect your leather to revitalize and replenish its natural beauty and feel.

Leather Restoration

Leather Reconditioning by Sofa Surgery®

Leather Reconditioning by Sofa Surgery®

Unlike most fabrics, leather is also prone to color damage from exposure to oils, sunlight, wear, and lack of maintenance. Such problems as fading, color loss, or discoloration can be corrected with pigments and dyes precision-matched to your original leather hue and finish. Complete color changes can also be performed to restore your damaged leather.

Useful Information: What Type Of Leather Do We Clean?
Leather properly maintained will last four or even five times longer than fabric or man-made fibers. Our leather specialists have been thoroughly trained in how to properly identify your type of leather.
Aniline (A) – Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked and Unprotected leather.
Protected (P) – Also known as Semi-Aniline, Pigmented and Painted leather.
Nubuck (N) – Also known as Chaps, Bomber or Suede.
Bi-cast (B)
We also repair and restore various types of Vinyl
Once the Leather Specialist properly identifies the type leather, we can Clean, Protect all of your leather products.

Why buy new when Sofa Surgery® can restore your leather at a fraction of the cost?

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