Dining Chairs Upholstery

Dining Chair Upholstery by Sofa Surgery®Dining chairs are the most popular items to be reupholstered, because it it a fairly easier job than the sofa or armchair, it get worn pretty fast, does not require lots of fabric, and suppose to take less time in a shop. Most of the companies perform this process taking your chairs away from you on certain period of time. At Sofa Surgery® we reinvented this service and do it on spot. Once the fabric is chosen, we come fully equipped and supplied to reupholster dining room chairs on spot!. this way, we keep the prices much lower than our rivals and do not separate you from using these chairs the same day. The quality of work in “out of shop conditions” is the same excellent! Check our dining chair upholstery project gallery to see “before” and “after” pictures and try it yourself!

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