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Custom Armchair Upholstery by Sofa Surgery®Ask Yourself: What is my favorite piece of furniture in my interior? First thing the most of the people will think about is: — “My lovely Chair”! Does it sound familiar? Ohh, —yes! That’s where we love to spend time with a newspaper and a cup of morning coffee, scrolling Facebook posts on a tablet or watching rock concert, listening to the music or just simply relaxing. We enjoy our time spent on this chair and we love this microenvironment. That’s why at Sofa Surgery® we pay special attention to armchair upholstery. We want you to experience the new wave of so familiar feeling and modern brand new look of the most important part of your living room layout. We managed to complete hundreds projects of armchair upholstery, including such respectful brand names in furniture industry as Eames®  Style Lounge Chairs by Herman Miller®, Ralph Lauren®, Ply-craft®. Here, at Sofa Surgery ® , we managed managed to gather a real team of motivated professionals inspired by generations of true upholstery craftsmen.

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