Couch & Sofa Disassembly in CT

Sofas are the most problematic pieces of furniture to fit in the narrow basement entrance of your newly purchased house in Connecticut.This is the most common issue when furnishing the basement area. If you are organizing a play room or a man cave inside your basement, you will definitely need a comfortable sofa inside. In this case Sofa and Couch Disassembly may be the only option to have the sofa in your basement. Our trained team members will take the burden off your shoulders. They will master their magic in front of you and build the sofa back together inside so you can relax. We guarantee that the sofa will remain in it’s original condition. As a proof of our confidence, we provide 5 years complimentary structural damage warranty as a result of years of training and received expertise in this field.

Sofa Reassembly in CT by Sofa Surgery®We specialize in disassembly of Couch, Sofa, Table, Dining Set, Pool Table, Armoire, etc. won’t fit through:

  • Doorways
  • Interior Doorways
  • Windows
  • Stairs and Stairways
  • Narrow Hallway
  • Small / Short Elevator
  • Narrow Elevator
  • Walk up Apartment

Sofa Surgery® Emergency Reassembly Team

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