What to consider when ordering Restoration Hardware Sofa.

Restoration Hardware Sofa.png

Restoration Hardware® is a true leader in interior design furniture manufacturing. The brand became extremely popular within interior design community and among true furniture lovers. When talking about RH® sofas, they are all made to be classy, modern and most important – comfortable. In order to gain the true comfortability, the sofa has to be deep, and that’s usually the main problem for the sofa to fit through the narrow hallway or elevator.

Restoration Hardware® offers multiple options in dimensions, style, fabric, colors and functionality of their products, but all the sofas they have are at least 38 inches wide. The common elevator or hallway width of standard NYC building varies from 40 to 60 inches which causes the problem for the delivery team to get it in. So, it is crucial to do measurements before you order the sofa or contact Sofa Surgery® Expert Measuring Services to be on a safe side.

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