Sofa Does not Fit? 3 Options to get it inside.

Delivering a sofa into NYC apartments is a hassle, nightmare and often an impossible task. But what to do if you ordered a sofa, not necessarily oversized, and the hallway leading to your apartment is narrow and the sofa can’t make a turn? Or if it happened, that the elevator is a pre-war constructed and was not designed to fit any sofa wider than 84 inches or deeper than 36 inches. Are there really any options to get any sofa inside?

Sofa Surgery® Furniture Reassembly Team researched all the possible option to consider. We will not describe the options involving heavy construction cranes or helicopters, as well as rebuilding the layout of hallways in the buildings. Here is 3 most realistic ways introduced on the furniture service market.


Sofa Disassembly & Reassembly by Sofa Surgery®Option 1. Place it on top of the elevator.

If the problem is with an elevator capacity or the size, this option may be working for you under certain conditions:

  • the apartment is not on the last floor (otherwise, there is a elevator motor and mechanism right above the elevator cabin on the last level, meaning that there is no space to hold the sofa)
  • building maintenance workers are technically capable of opening the elevator door 1 level above the ground floor and 1 level above the floor where the sofa suppose to be placed
  • building management approves this kind of projects within their property (some building managers refuse to cooperate due to insurance and safety operations policy)
  • there is a volunteer to ride on top of the elevator to hold the sofa and make sure the ride goes smooth

If you consider this option is working for you, make sure that the sofa will fit into the doorway or inside the desired room of your apartment. We’ve seen the situation when the sofa cam up on a 47th  floor on top of the elevator and the problem occurred at the hallway opening by the apartment door. So the client had to pay both elevator crew and than Sofa Surgery® Emergency Reassembly Team to perform the disassembly/reassembly operation. Keep in mind, that refunds are not issued in these extraordinary type of service operations.

We’ve received the quotes from the few residential management companies we are working with and calculated the average cost for this kind of “up-lifting” which came to $1,500


Option 2. Hire Professional Hoisting Company and try to fit it through the window or balcony.

Sounds crazy? Yeah, it really does. But believe it or not, it’s possible. We found numerous companies who can host the sofa using special hoisting equipment or even a man lift.

Sofa Hoisting through the window

This project is associated with obtaining several permits from the city and management company, plus lots of organizing complications. This option may be working for you if:

  • window is big enough to fit the sofa
  • window frame is strong enough to attach the piece of equipment
  • the weather conditions are good (not windy)

Keep in mind, that most of hoisting service providers charge money just to come out and provide an estimate onsite.

Average cost for this type of “furniture hoisting” is $2700

If you’ve done this before or planning to do in future, please share your story with us.


Option 3. Contact Emergency Furniture Reassembly Service. 

Since 2007, this option seems to be the most efficient way to have your sofa inside the desired place with minimum expenses, and the same day you received the sofa. Sofa Surgery® Emergency Reassembly Team is available 24 hours 7 days a week. They can reassemble and get inside any kind of sofa, any design or complexity.

They arrive the same day you’ve requested and have it done within 2 hours. Depending on the structure, fabric type and design, the average cost is $350

So, seems like it’s obvious that this service is a real asset to any city with similar to NY architecture.

Our advice – Go for it!

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